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Wish List
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Wish List

Maintaining excellence in healthcare is a challenge. It takes the generosity of employees, physicians, patients, family members, friends, and community businesses to help to provide the philanthropic support necessary to keep pace with the latest advances in technology and to support the growth and maintenance of our aging facility. To see the items which have been updated, improved and/or added to Quincy Valley Medical Center please click here. To see a list of our donors, please click here. 


We currently seek the generous funding, donation and/or assistance of the items below.  If you would like additional information on any of the items below, please contact the Foundation Executive Director at 509-787-5349 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Radiology Upgrade - $179,160

A complete Radiology Upgrade would include the following items:

Del Medical EV650 Elevating Table with Four-Way Float Top (13,765.22)

Wall Stand up Bucky (6,190.45)

Del Medical CM series 50kW, 630mA, High-Frequency Three Phase Generator (21,644.33)

X-ray tube (6,480.00)

Generator High Voltage Cables (1,080.00) 

New Ultrasound Machine ($130,000)


Community Relations Package - $72,000

Items within the Community Relations package are designed to improve the Medical Center's communication and visibility with the public.  Current items include:

Phone System Upgrade for the Medical Center ($45,000)

New exterior Facility Signage along Highway 28 ($27,000)


IV/Wound Therapy Program - $36,000

An IV Therapy program provides intravenous (IV) therapy on an outpatient basis.  Services provided can include:

Blood Transfusions

Antibiotic treatments

Specialized IV treatments

Funding will be used to increase the services offered through this program, as well as grow a Wound Therapy program.


Laboratory Upgrade - $16,000

New i-Stat Machine

New AVOX machine, used for testing carbon monoxide exposure


SageView Clinic Package - $8,400

Items within the SageView Clinic package are designed to improve a patient's care and experience with our clinic.  Items include:

Instrument panels ($6,000)

Patient Notification System ($2,400)


Acute Care Program - $64,000

The following items have been requested to improve patient care and experience while in our facility.

(6) New Bariatric Patient Beds ($35,000 total/$7,000 each)

(5) Recliners for patient rooms ($2,000 total/$400 each)

End Title CO2 Monitor ($12,500)

Bladder Scanner ($14,000)


Emergency Medical Services - $89,000

The Quincy Valley Medical Center Emergency Room treats over 3000 patients annually.  The following needs have been identified to improve services:

(2) Stryker Stretchers ($14,000 total/$7,000 each))

OB Stryker Stretcher ($12,000)

EKG Machine ($5,000)

IV Pumps (4) ($3,500 each)

Vital Sign Machines (2) ($3,500 each)Tablets (10) ($500 each)


Long-Term Care Services - $17,300

The Quincy Valley Medical Center Provides rehabilitative and long-term care to the residents of our community.  Items requested to enhance this service are:

(6) Adjustable Patient Beds ($10,800 total/$1,800 each)

Audio Entertainment System ($500)

(15) Recliners for patient rooms ($6,000 total/$400 each)


Physical Therapy Services - $12,300

The Quincy Valley Medical Center Provides inpatient physical therapy services at our location on 10th Avenue SW. We also provide outpatient services in our downtown clinic. Our therapists have requested the following items to improve patient care:

Adjustable Mat Table (inpatient) ($5,800)

Elliptical Trainer (outpatient) ($2,500)

Game Ready (outpatient) ($4,000)


Facility Maintenance - $15,000

Maintenance Vehicle ($15,000 or replacement vehicle used to hall equipment and yard waste)