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Sponsor, Partner & Contributors:

Quincy Valley Medical Center (QVMC) would like to THANK the following individuals for thier support. Our sponsors, partners and contributors play an important role in our growth and care.


We thank them from the bottom of our hearts!



2013 Supporters:


  • Jerry & Patricia Smith Ron Stadig Memorial

    Vincent & Carol Bryan Ron Stadig Memorial

    Larry & Joan Aliment Ron Stadig Memorial

    Gerald & Verna Teeter Ron Stadig Memorial

    Mark Call Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial

    Kristine Petersen Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial

    Morris & Nancy Yoder Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial

    Dale & Carol Faw Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial

    Waymer & Debbie Urwin Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial
    Mike & Marilyn Jones Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial

    George & Mary Kikuchi Don Grebb Memorial

    John & Susan Hall Ron Stadig Memorial

    Gerald & Verna Teeter Micki McConnel Memorial
    Berger Family Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial
    Live Nation Worldwide Foundation Support

    Dr. John Pleyte Scholarship Fund
    Lisa Oneel Foundation Support
    Richard & Florence Weber Long-Term Care Unit Support
    W.E. & Millie Jones Charitable Trust Physical Therapy Upgrade
    Herbert G. Petrak Naomi B. Elliott Memorial
    Fernando Dietsch Foundation Support
    Todd & Michele Wurl Foundation Support

    Gerald & Verna Teeter Todd Yeates Memorial

    Jack C. Quealey Arline Quealey Memorial

    Cliff Dearborn Foundation Support

    Irene Garces Foundation Support



2012 Supporters:


  • Gerald & Verna Teeter Scholarship Fund -
    Norma Culp Memorial

    Merred Merred & the Cooking Master Class Scholarship Fund

    Gerald & Verna Teeter Scholarship Fund -
    Alvin Lasley Memorial

    Tobin Electric Scholarship Fund

    William & Nancy Sprague Jane Pace Memorial Fund

    QVMC Employees Foundation Support

    Mark & Lucille Call Maya Beckemeier Memorial

    Mike & Marilyn Jones Bastian Koole Memorial

    Peggy Emtman Bastian Koole Memorial

    Bonnie J. Koole Bastian Koole Memorial

    Joe & Marian Hulbert Bastian Koole Memorial

    Frances Koole Bastian Koole Memorial

    Roxa Kreimeyer Bastian Koole Memorial

    Frances Fortier Bastian Koole Memorial

    Otto & Jennie Tolsma Bastian Koole Memorial

    Gerrit & Arlene Byeman Bastian Koole Memorial

    Darrell VanDyke Bastian Koole Memorial

    Murray & Carol VanDyke Bastian Koole Memorial

    Larry Jones Bastian Koole Memorial

    George & Mary Kikuchi Maya Beckemeier Memorial

    Sally Logan Hart Lucille Call Memorial

    Raymond & Peggy Emtman Lucille Call Memorial

    Carol Jean Westphal Lucille Call Memorial

    Wayne Farmer Lucille Call Memorial

    Curt & Ann Morris Lucille Call Memorial

    Scott & Marsha Morris Lucille Call Memorial

    Larry & Julie Schaapman Lucille Call Memorial

    Philip & Sonja Akerman Lucille Call Memorial

    Gerald & Verna Teeter Janette Wintermute Memorial - Scholarship Fund

    Charlene Hogarty Janette Wintermute Memorial - Scholarship Fund

    Pati & Danny Ferris Lucille Call Memorial

    Larry & Dalene Kunkel Lucille Call Memorial

    Marian Farrell Lucille Call Memorial

    Pati & Danny Ferris Lucille Call Memorial

    The Korman Family Trust Lucille Call Memorial

    Susan Romano Lucille Call Memorial

    Randall & Lynn Englehart Lucille Call Memorial

    Jim & Barbara Hoersch Lucille Call Memorial

    Susan N. Sande Lucille Call Memorial

    Mark R. Call Lucille Call Memorial

    Louise S. Oda Lucille Call Memorial

    Lloyd & Esther Doble Lucille Call Memorial

    Ronald Apanian Lucille Call Memorial

    Carolyne Korman Lucille Call Memorial

    Joan F. Reynolds Lucille Call Memorial

    Susan & Glenn Soby Lucille Call Memorial

    Laverne I. Amend Lucille Call Memorial

    Barbara & Gerald Mushlitz Lucille Call Memorial

    Debra Adams-Parrish Lucille Call Memorial

    Carol & Ken Toevs Lucille Call Memorial

    Mina Kyle Lucille Call Memorial

    William Judge Lucille Call Memorial

    Frances Fortier Lucille Call Memorial

    Richard & Cleora Royston Lucille Call Memorial

    Bara Petersen Lucille Call Memorial

    Merle & Teresa Wilson Lucille Call Memorial

    Jack & Mary Tobin Lucille Call Memorial

    George & Mary Kikuchi Lucille Call Memorial

    Lucy Jacques Lucille Call Memorial

    Kylene Kulm Lucille Call Memorial

    Debra Thaemert Lucille Call Memorial

    Harold & Louise Kafer Lucille Call Memorial

    Shirley Bergerud Lucille Call Memorial

    Ann Trantow Lucille Call Memorial

    Rex & Laurel Morgan Lucille Call Memorial

    Doris & Jim Wells Lucille Call Memorial

    Michael & Laurie Wittman Lucille Call Memorial

    Jerry & Marge Saude Lucille Call Memorial

    John & Patty Stetner Lucille Call Memorial

    Larry & Janet Jones Lucille Call Memorial

    Daniel & Patricia Ferris Lucille Call Memorial

    Gerald & Verna Teeter Lucille Call Memorial

    Tom & Sherry Thingvold Lucille Call Memorial

    Lois Nystul Lucille Call Memorial

    Harry & Gail Huntley Lucille Call Memorial

    Jim & Shirley Wurl Lucille Call Memorial

    Leora Johnson Lucille Call Memorial

    Ron Moen General Fund

    Mark Call Ron Stadig Memorial

    Paul & Kristi Evans Ron Stadig Memorial

    Lucy Jacques Ron Stadig Memorial

    David & Allyson Lemon Ron Stadig Memorial

    Paul & Jane Slager Ron Stadig Memorial





2011 Supporters:


  • Earl & Jessie Overman Foundation Support

    Mark & Lucille Call Troy Taylor Memorial Fund

    W.E. & Millie Jones Trust Hospital beds

    Mark & Lucille Call Stan Bergerud Memorial Fund

    George & Mary Kikuchi Stan Bergerud Memorial Fund

    Elma Omlin Jim Burns Memorial Fund

    Lisa Oneel General Fund

    Mark & Lucille Call Elsie Slusher Memorial Fund

    Quincy Valley Kiwanis QVMC Activities/Social Services

    Colleen Canfield Foundation Support

    Verna Teeter Scholarship Fund

    Quincy Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship Fund

    Bob & Margaret Linder Jane Pace Memorial Fund

    George & Sheila Lindsay Jane Pace Memorial Fund

    Michael & Connie Harper Jane Pace Memorial Fund

    Anthony & Tina Gonzalez Scholarship Fund

    Quincy Valley Kiwanis General Fund

    Robert Hadley Jane Pace Memorial Fund

    Glenda Bishop Foundation Support

    Charlene Brush Foundation Support

    Ellen Buchanan Foundation Support

    Sarina Fahrner Foundation Support

    Joann Garces Foundation Support

    Amy Landry Foundation Support

    Lydia Medrano Foundation Support

    Mehdi Merred Foundation Support

    Lisa O'Neel Foundation Support

    Kelly Robison Foundation Support

    Nancy Schanze Foundation Support

    Rodney Shrader Foundation Support

    Alene Walker Foundation Support

    Laurie Wittman Foundation Support

    Michele Wurl Foundation Support

    Amy York Foundation Support





2010 Supporters:


  • Mark & Lucille Call Ruth Stousland Memorial Fund

    Paul Lauzier Charitiable Trust Anesthesia Machine Funding

    USDA Bone Density Machine Funding

    Colleen Canfield QVMC Grounds Enhancement

    Henry Overen Clarence Overen Memorial Fund

    Don & Violet Grebb Al & Mary Grebb Memorial Fund

    Quincy Valley Kiwanis Bilirubin Light and Blanket for the facility

    Debra Adams-Parrish Clarence Overen Memorial Fund

    Glendalyn Jones Clarence Overen Memorial Fund

    Evelyn Kulm Clarence Overen Memorial Fund

    Georgian Overen Clarence Overen Memorial Fund

    Herbert Petrak Clarence Overen Memorial Fund

    Anne M. York Clarence Overen Memorial Fund

    Richard & Denise Burkenpas General Fund

    Gerald & Verna Teeter Larry Omlin Memorial Fund

    Mark & Lucille Call Ruth Stousland Memorial Fund

    Ruth Anna Atwood Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Merle Baldwin Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Lynn Brown Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Roxa Kreimeyer Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Jackie Flinn Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Maydene Heintz Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Isabelle Henson Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Agnes Holloway Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Glendalyn Jones Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    William Judge Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Ronald Kreimeyer Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Beverly Patterson Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Donna Selby Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Jennie Tolsma Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    William & Sylvia Wurl Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    Todd & Michele Wurl Victor Kreimeyer Memorial Fund

    The Culture Club in Memory of Marguerite Collins Ambulance General Fund

    John R. Cedergreen Family Fund  

    Anonymous Donor $100,000 for property acquisition



2009 Supporters:


  • Randy & Lynn Englehart Leonard Rose Memorial Fund

    Sandra Longley Foundation Support Donation

    Tanya Julson Long-term care unit

    Shirley A. Bergerud Leonard Rose Memorial Fund

    Joyce C. Fischlin Leonard Rose Memorial Fund

    The Beaumont Family QVMC Nursing Department

    Cindi Lasley Foundation Support Donation

    Gerald & Verna Teeter Doris Evens Memorial

    Erick & Jennifer Erickson Doris Evens Memorial

    Herbert & Sharon Doris Evens Memorial

    Erick & Jennifer Erickson Esteban Rubio Memorial

    J. Neil & Rita Mayrant Doris Evens Memorial

    Betty Evens Doris Evens Memorial

    Janet Fortier Doris Evens Memorial

    J.L. Berdan Doris Evens Memorial

    Joan Reynolds Doris Evens Memorial

    William & Norma Jean Watson Doris Evens Memorial

    Eric & Marcia Streich Doris Evens Memorial

    Mark & Lucille Call Doris Evens Memorial

    Debra Adams-Parrish Doris Evens Memorial

    Roxa & Vic Kreimeyer Doris Evens Memorial

    Susan & Armando Ramirez Doris Evens Memorial

    Arlene Foglesong Doris Evens Memorial

    Joe & Marian Hulbert Doris Evens Memorial

    Allan Anderson Doris Evens Memorial

    Helen Dunken Doris Evens Memorial

    Ed & Kit Field Doris Evens Memorial

    Waymer & Debbie Urwin Doris Evens Memorial

    Charles & Jeannie Kiehn Doris Evens Memorial

    Wilbur Ellis Impact Funding Bone Density Campaign

    Anonymous Donor General Fund - Wish List Items

    Shirlee Leighton Harris Memorial

    Karen Engvall Pat Kline Memorial

    Cathy Faw Pat Kline Memorial

    Roxa & Vic Kreimeyer Pat Kline Memorial

    Herbert Petrak Pat Kline Memorial

    Jackie Flinn Pat Kline Memorial

    Louise Brister Belva Poldervart Memorial

    William Handstad Belva Poldervart Memorial

    Jim & Bev Patterson Pat Kline Memorial

    Daryl L. Kline Pat Kline Memorial

    Town and Country Garden Club Belva Poldervart Memorial

    Wilnoree Fowler Belva Poldervart Memorial

    Isabelle Henson Belva Poldervart Memorial

    Lorraine Miller Belva Poldervart Memorial

    Charlene Brush General Fund

    Richard L. Harris Belva Poldervart Memorial



2008 Supporters:


  • Carol & Peter Smith Extended Care Activities Fund

    Sandy Noe "Got Pinned" Foundation Support

    Rita Mayrant Darlene Gottschalk Memorial

    John & Serena Heinz Foundation Support Donation

    Marlene Stone Darlene Gottschalk Memorial

    Merle & Teresa Wilson Darlene Gottschalk Memorial

    Michael & Laurie Wittman Darlene Gottschalk Memorial

    Joan Reynolds Darlene Gottschalk Memorial

    Mary & George Shockley Darlene Gottschalk Memorial

    Alene Adams Darlene Gottschalk Memorial

    J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. Darlene Gottschalk Memorial

    Columbia Ridge Cattle Co. Darlene Gottschalk Memorial

    Doty C Ross Ambulance Service

    Wallace & Jean Bushman Memory Garden - John Cooke

    The McGregor Company Darlene Gottschalk Memorial

    Todd Schanze "Got Pinned" Foundation Support

    Nancy Schanze Darlene Gottschalk Memorial

    Richard & Florance Weber Mary Prchal Memorial

    O & V Omlin Mary Prchal Memorial

    Spring Swing 2008

    Senior Project by Kyle Arnall & Michael Evens

    Foundation Support Donation
    Charlene Brush "Got Pinned" Foundation Support
    Dr. Pleyte Foundation Support Donation
    Kathleen Peterson Dining room table and chairs
    Lauzier Foundation Nurses/ER Station Remodel
    Gina Goodwin Ambulance AED Trainier
    Mark & Lucille Call Marilyn Morris Memorial

    Bette Livingood Memorial

    Milbrandt Family Mary Prchal Memorial
    Asuris NW Health C/o Martin-Morris Insurance Agency Foundation Support Donation
    Colleen Canfield Memory Garden
    Ellen Buchanan Foundation Support Donation
    Dick Burkenpas Foundation Support Donation
    Kissler Enterprises Lawn maintenance equipment
    Lucy Jacques Marilyn Morris Memorial
    Donna Robertson Marilyn Morris Memorial
    Richard & Florence Weber Darlene Gottschalk Memorial
    Merle & Teresa Wilson Marilyn Morris Memorial
    Jones Produce, Inc. Marilyn Morris Memorial
    Pat Dearinger Dining room table and chairs
    Elizabeth Vinz on behalf of the Call Family Foundation Support Donation
    Shonna Lerma Foundation Support Donation
    Eric Tietjen Memory Garden
    Candy Erickson Memory Garden
    Joann Garces Foundation Support Donation
    Christie Jackson Memory Garden
    Mary Nickel Memory Garden
    Weber Ridge Farms Wheel chair scale lift
    Tanya Julson Memory Garden & QVMC North Wing
    Horizon Bank Leonard Rose Memorial Fund
    Damon Calloway Leonard Rose Memorial Fund
    Rex Calloway Leonard Rose Memorial Fund
    Marlene Stone Leonard Rose Memorial Fund


2007 Supporters:


  • Kissler Enterprises Emergency Services Donation

    George & Mary Kikuchi Center In Memory Donation

    Marianne Crossman Books, Video's and Craft supplies to our LTC Center

    Laces Escape Crafts @ Gifts to our LTC Center

    George & Mary Kikuchi Memorial

    Red, Wine & Blues Sponsors Event support & contributions

    Roxy & Victor Kreimeyer Foundation Donation

    Weber Ridge Farms, Inc Foundation Donation for a Wheelchair Scale in the LTC Center

    Microsoft Software donation ($8,000.00)

    Belva Poldervart Cash donation for new kitchen equipment and rennovation.

    Anonymous Donor Cash Donation ($48,000.00) for Medical Equipment & Renovations)

    Wayne Pearl Cash donation to the Foundation

    Carl & Gwen Pellham Cash donation to the Foundation in memory of Donna Pellham.


The Foundation helps purchase special capital equipment items and supports special projects. The Foundation only funds projects that will ultimately help the Medical Center fulfill its mission and vision.

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