Components of a Blood Profile


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Quincy Valley Medical Center Laboratory Services is a team of specialists dedicated to providing high quality diagnostic services for patients and physicians.


Laboratory services are available to patients at the hospital seven days a week.  After-hours emergency testing is available 24 hours a day by on-call personnel.



You no longer need a doctor's order for for several routine tests!


Quincy Valley Medical Center is happy to provide "Direct Access Testing" to individuals for the following tests:


          General Profile - $42

               Complete Blood Count

               Complete Metabolic

               Lipid Profile


          Thyroid Stimulating Hormone - $20


          Prostate Specific Antigen - $20


          Glycohemoglobin - $25


          Vitamin D - $50




Individuals interested in any of the test above simply need to come to the main desk at QVMC and request "Direct Access Testing".


Testing is available during the regular QVMC business hours of 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday to anyone 18 and over.  Cash or check payment is due at the time of registration.


(Insurance will not be billed for these services and we are unable to accept credit/debit cards for these services).


Test results will be mailed to the address you provide at the time of registration.


Please note:

1.    Tests and examinations performed are screening tests and examinations only and are in no way a definitive diagnosis.

2.    QVMC Staff will have access to my tests results for the sole purpose of determining if the results are normal or abnormal and for aiding me by suggesting a follow-up exam, if indicated.

3.    The responsibility for initiating any follow-up examinations or treatment for conditions detected by this screening lies entirely with me as the person responsible for my own health, and not with any of the organizations or individuals involved in the screening.

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Participation in this voluntary screening does not create a professional health care relationship, however, if you choose to contact Quincy Valley Medical Center we will make every attempt to meet your health care needs or refer you to the appropriate medical provider



If you have questions you regarding the laboratory services we provide, please contact the Laboratory Supervisor, Matthew Walker, at (509) 787-5372.



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