QVMC Thanks You! 

Sponsor, Partner & Contributors:

Quincy Valley Medical Center (QVMC) would like to THANK the following individuals for their support. Our sponsors, partners and contributors play an important role in our growth and care.

2014 Supporters:

Lisa Oneel: Foundation Support

Paul Lauzier Charitable Trust: Ventilator for the ER

Quincy Community Church: Foundation Support

Mark & Karen Call: Eileen Rice Memorial

A.Z. Wells Charitable Trust

Jay & Lois Weise: Shirley Lynch Memorial

Vince & Carol Bryan: Foundation Support

2013 Supporters:

 Jerry & Patricia Smith: Ron Stadig Memorial

Vincent & Carol Bryan: Ron Stadig Memorial

Larry & Joan AlimentRon Stadig Memorial

Gerald & Verna Teeter: Ron Stadig Memorial

Mark Call: Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial

Kristine Petersen: Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial

Morris & Nancy Yoder: Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial

Dale & Carol Faw: Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial

Waymer & Debbie Urwin: Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial

Mike & Marilyn Jones: Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial

George & Mary Kikuch: Don Grebb Memorial

John & Susan Hall: Ron Stadig Memorial

Gerald & Verna Teeter: Micki McConnel Memorial

Berger Family: Wilfred (Bill) Berger Memorial

Live Nation Worldwide: Foundation Support

Dr. John Pleyte:Scholarship Fund

 Lisa Oneel: Foundation Support

Richard & Florence Weber: Long-Term Care Unit Support

W.E. & Millie Jones Charitable Trust: Physical Therapy Upgrade

Herbert G. Petrak: Naomi B. Elliott Memorial

Fernando Dietsch: Foundation Support

Todd & Michele Wurl: Foundation Support

Gerald & Verna Teeter: Todd Yeates Memorial

Jack C. Quealey: Arline Quealey Memorial

Cliff Dearborn: Foundation Support

Irene Garces: Foundation Support 

A.Z. Wells Charitable Trust

2012 Supporters:

Gerald & Verna Teeter:  Scholarship Fund -Norma Culp Memorial

Merred Merred & the Cooking Master Class:  Scholarship Fund

Gerald & Verna Teeter: Scholarship Fund -Alvin Lasley Memorial

Tobin Electric: Scholarship Fund

William & Nancy Sprague:  Jane Pace Memorial Fund

QVMC Employees:  Foundation Support

Mark & Lucille Call:  Maya Beckemeier Memorial

Mike & Marilyn Jones: Bastian Koole Memorial

Peggy Emtman:  Bastian Koole Memorial

Bonnie J. Koole:   Bastian Koole Memorial

Joe & Marian Hulbert: Bastian Koole Memorial

Frances Koole:  Bastian Koole Memorial

Roxa Kreimeyer: Bastian Koole Memorial

Frances Fortier:   Bastian Koole Memorial

Otto & Jennie Tolsma:  Bastian Koole Memorial

Gerrit & Arlene Byeman:  Bastian Koole Memorial

Darrell Vandyke: Bastian Koole Memorial

Murray & Carol VanDyke: Bastian Koole Memorial

Larry Jones: Bastian Koole Memorial

George & Mary Kikuchi: Maya Beckemeier Memorial

Sally Logan Hart: Lucille Call Memorial

Raymond & Peggy Emtman:  Lucille Call Memorial

Carol Jean Westphal: Lucille Call Memorial

Wayne Farmer: Lucille Call Memorial

Curt & Ann Morris: Lucille Call Memorial

Scott & Marsha Morris: Lucille Call Memorial

Larry & Julie Schaapman: Lucille Call Memorial

Philip & Sonja Akerman: Lucille Call Memorial

Gerald & Verna Teeter: Janette Wintermute Memorial - Scholarship Fund

Charlene Hogarty: Janette Wintermute Memorial - Scholarship Fund

Pati & Danny Ferris: Lucille Call Memorial

Larry & Dalene Kunkel: Lucille Call Memorial

Marian Farrell: Lucille Call Memorial

Pati & Danny Ferris: Lucille Call Memorial

The Korman Family Trust: Lucille Call Memorial

 Susan Romano: Lucille Call Memorial

Randall & Lynn Englehart: Lucille Call Memorial

Jim & Barbara Hoersch: Lucille Call Memorial

Susan N. Sande: Lucille Call Memorial

Mark R. Call: Lucille Call Memorial

Louise S. Oda: Lucille Call Memorial

Lloyd & Esther Doble: Lucille Call Memorial

Ronald Apanian: Lucille Call Memorial

Carolyne Korman: Lucille Call Memorial

Joan F. Reynolds: Lucille Call Memorial

Susan & Glenn Soby: Lucille Call Memorial

Laverne I. Amend: Lucille Call Memorial

Barbara & Gerald Mushlitz: Lucille Call Memorial

Debra Adams-Parrish: Lucille Call Memorial

Carol & Ken Toevs: Lucille Call Memorial

Mina Kyle: Lucille Call Memorial

William Judge: Lucille Call Memorial

Frances Fortier: Lucille Call Memorial

Richard & Cleora Royston: Lucille Call Memorial

Bara Petersen: Lucille Call Memorial

Merle & Teresa Wilson: Lucille Call Memorial

Jack & Mary Tobin: Lucille Call Memorial

George & Mary Kikuchi: Lucille Call Memorial

Lucy Jacques: Lucille Call Memorial

Kylene Kulm: Lucille Call Memorial

Debra Thaemert: Lucille Call Memorial

Harold & Louise Kafer: Lucille Call Memorial

Shirley Bergerud: Lucille Call Memorial

Ann Trantow: Lucille Call Memorial

 Rex & Laurel Morgan: Lucille Call Memorial

Doris & Jim Wells: Lucille Call Memorial

Michael & Laurie Wittman: Lucille Call Memorial

Jerry & Marge Saude: Lucille Call Memorial

John & Patty Stetner: Lucille Call Memorial

Larry & Janet Jones: Lucille Call Memorial

Daniel & Patricia Ferris: Lucille Call Memorial

Gerald & Verna Teeter: Lucille Call Memorial

Tom & Sherry Thingvold: Lucille Call Memorial

Lois Nystul: Lucille Call Memorial

Harry & Gail Huntley: Lucille Call Memorial

Jim & Shirley Wurl: Lucille Call Memorial

Leora Johnson: Lucille Call Memorial

Ron Moen: General Fund

Mark Call: Ron Stadig Memorial

Paul & Kristi Evans: Ron Stadig Memorial

Lucy Jacques: Ron Stadig Memorial

David & Allyson Lemon: Ron Stadig Memorial

Paul & Jane Slager: Ron Stadig Memorial 

A.Z. Wells Charitable Trust