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Thank you for choosing Quincy Valley Medical Center for your medical needs. This information is being provided to clarify our billing and collection process.

The billing requirements for insurance companies and governmental agencies in some cases require our charges be billed separately for professional and facility services. This means you may receive more than one bill for your visit to our hospital.

The professional charges are for the services of the various medical professionals providing services at Quincy Valley Medical Center.

The facility charges are for all other services including nurses, all other personnel, medical equipment, facilities, and common supplies.

If you have insurance, as a courtesy we will be happy to bill your insurance carrier. It is the policy of Quincy Valley Medical Center to collect Co-Payments at the time of service.  Depending on your diagnosis your insurance company may change the estimated portion of your bill.  You will be responsible for the portion of the bill that is not covered by your insurance.

If you do not have insurance we ask for a deposit of $50.00 at the time of service in the Clinic. After you receive your bill, a 15% discount will be given if the bill is paid in full within 10 calendar days from the first billing statement. A 10% discount will be given if the bill is paid within 30 days of the first billing statement. A 5% discount will be given if the bill is paid within 60 days of the first billing statement. All discounts must be requested prior to or at the time of payment.

If you know you will have difficulty meeting the above payment requirements, please contact out Billing Department at (509) 787-3531.

Quincy Valley Medical Center also provides financial assistance as explained by Washington State Law (Chapter 246-453 WAC). Complete information is also available from our Billing Department at (509) 787-3531.



Insurance: We accept most insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, many commercial insurances and others. If you have questions about your insurance we can help.


For Health Options Molina and Community Health Plan of WA please be aware of who your Primary Care Provider is.  We are able to verify eligibility upon request.

Bilingual staff and interpreters are available for our Spanish-speaking patients.

Specialty referrals are available on-site.


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