Endoscopy is the general term applied to being able to look inside parts of the body.

There are specific procedures undertaken to enable in-depth study of certain parts of the body:


· Gastroscopy: Study of the

  stomach area
· Sigmoidoscopy: Study of part

  of the large bowel
· Colonoscopy: Study all of

  the large bowel
· ERCP: Study of the the bile

  ducts and liver system
· Cystoscopy: Study of the

· Bronchoscopy: Study of the






+ QVMC Endoscopy Suites


The surgical suites at Quincy Valley Medical Center feature state-of-the-art endoscopic equipment located in close proximity to the Medical Center's operating room and emergency care units.


The suites offer the best in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy. Patients (typically outpatient) will receive the latest innovative care in a comfortable, compassionate and warm setting.


Procedures offered include upper endoscopies, colonoscopies and more.....


The Endoscopy suites are just another piece in QVMC's efforts of expansion and renovation. As our Medical Center grows, it will become easier for the everyone to see just how these individual projects meld to create an updated look and feel for QVMC. 


By offering state of the art procedures, equipment and furnishings, coupled with our dedication to compassion

and quality, we are positioning QVMC as the premier full service hospital of choice in our area.








Insurance: We accept most insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, many commercial insurances and many others. If you have questions about your insurance we can help.

Bilingual staff and interpreters are available for our Spanish-speaking patients.

Specialty referrals are available on-site.



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