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Winter 2008:    Jan. 14, 2009

Spring 2009:    April 8

Summer 2009: June 24

 Fall 2009:        October 7

Winter 2009:    January 2010

Spring 2010:    April 28, 2010

Summer 2010: July 14, 2010

Winter 2010:   Dec. 29, 2010




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+ QVMC Connection Newsletter


The QVMC Connection is a complete quarter of information and exciting news about your community hospital. The Connection is printed inside  the Quincy/Central Basin Shopper  and is mailed to local residents "free of charge".


If you did not get a copy of the Connection in your Quincy/Central Basin Shopper, here are PDF Links to all copies of our newsletter.


Reading the Connection online requires Adobe Reader. This program is a free download. A program link is provided for your convenience to the left.


Winter 2010 (File 1.49mb)
Summer 2010 (File 1.50mb)
Spring 2010 (File 10.9mb)
Winter 2009 (File 6.68mb)
Fall 2009 (File 1.5kb)
Summer 2009 (File 915kb)
Spring 2009 (File 1.51mb)
Winter 2008 (File 2.25mb)
Fall 2008 (File 6.03mb)

Summer 2008 (File 7.54mb)

Spring 2008 (File 5.58mb)

Winter 2007 (File 6.01mb)

Fall 2007 (File 3.65mb)

Summer 2007 (File 4.99mb)


Please Note: Based on file size, download speeds will vary based on connection.



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