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What is a colonoscopy? Colonoscopy is an outpatient procedure in which the rectum and the inside of the lower large intestine (colon) are examined. Colonoscopies are commonly used to evaluate bowel disorders, rectal bleeding or polyps. Colonoscopies are also performed to screen people over age 50 for colon and rectal cancer.


What happens during a colonoscopy? During a colonoscopy, your physician will use a colonoscope (a long, flexible instrument about 1/2 inch in diameter) to view the lining of the colon. The colonoscope is inserted through the rectum and advanced to the large intestine.


If necessary during a colonoscopy, small amounts of tissue can be removed for analysis and polyps can be identified and removed. In most cases, colonoscopy allows accurate diagnosis and treatment without the need for a major operation.


In order for your doctor to get the best possible view and make the colonoscopy easier, your large bowel needs to be cleaned out of all waste material.


You will receive a preparation kit which contains full instructions. Usually this involves a special diet for a day or two, consisting of no solid food, lots of clear fluids and laxatives the day before the procedure.


It is important that you have nothing to eat or drink for six hours before the procedure is done. However, you may have a sip of water with your regular medications.



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