Patient Forms

To save you time when coming to SageView Clinic we have some of our Patient Information Forms available here for you fill out at home and bring with you to your appointment.


Please note: Forms may be completed online and printed out or you may print out a blank form.


General Patient Information Form


General Patient Information Form






Welcome to SageView Family Care

    a Healthcare Professionals & Surgeons Group

Open Monday - Thursday; 8:00a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Open Friday; 9:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Same day appointments and walk-in are available on a first come first serve basis.


Our staff and health care professionals would like to welcome and thank you for choosing SageView Family Care for your health care needs.  Located at the front entrance of Quincy Valley Medical Center, SageView provides compassionate quality care from trained professionals who offer a variety of services and are aided by the support of many qualified specialists.




" Together, we are truly changing the face of healthcare"




SageView Services:  In addition to the treatment of physical illnesses and injuries, SageView also provides:


Laboratory tests and X-rays


Weekly mobile MRI service


Physical examinations: Pre-

   employment, routine and annual


CDL’s physicals: Any person

   applying for a Commercial

   Drivers License


Minor surgery including skin







Work related injury treatment


Cholinesterase monitoring



Sports physicals


Well baby and child exams


Breast & cervical exams


Health Program (BCHP)


Pulmonary function testing


Respirator fit testing


Respirator medical testing


Blood pressure screening


Women’s health care


Patient health and disease





TB screening


Hyperhidrosis treatment

  (excessive sweating)



Medical Quick Links

Special Services Include:


Orthopedic Services:


Registered Dietician:


Massage Therapy:

  Licensed Massage Therapist Kate

  Jones comes onsite to SageView

  every Wednesday for your con-

  veniance.  Contact Kate directly

  at (509) 670-0979 to schedule

  your appointment.  Click here for

  a brochure on the current services



On-Site Business & Education

   Institution Clinics:

   Do you have a group which would

   like information on our services

   or a specific health topic?  Our

   staff and medical providers would

   welcome the opportunity to

   come meet your members and

   answer your health questions. 


On-site Flu Shot Clinics:

   A flu shot clinic is planned in

   advance of the flu season by the

   employer to avoid an outbreak of

   flu among workers. Contact our

   Occupational Health Nurse at

   509-787-7245 to schedule a clinic

   at your location.


DSHS (Department of Social and

   Health Services) Available

   on-site each week.

Bilingual staff and interpreters are available for our Spanish-speaking patients.

Specialty referrals are available on-site.


Insurance... We accept most insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, many commercial insurances and others. If you have questions about your insurance we can help.


Downloads: Information on the services offered at SageView Family Care Clinic are available in a .pdf brochure.  Please click here to download now.


Family Medicine


We put patients first ...  There are many medical conditions, even ones that you may not be aware of, that cause illness.

We will listen to and work with you to better understand just how you are feeling. Our compassionate and caring approach to your health is just what makes us special. We care about your health.

We will work with you ...  We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs. Treatment begins after your first appointment and we are here to help you to feeling better again.

When to come in ...  If you have a sudden illness or onset of pain with sever symptoms, call for an appointment immediately or come to our clinic right way. If you have an illness or injury resulting in impaired ability to perform normal day-to-day activities, call us and have someone bring you to the clinic. If this is an EMERGENCY and someone can not bring you to SageView, please call 911 immediately.

General Surgery & Endoscopy

SageView offers a wide scope of minimally invasive surgery, diagnostic and therapeutic gastrointestinal endoscopy, laparoscopic surgery and a variety of basic gynecologic and urologic procedures.


Endoscopy is one of the main tools in prevention and early treatment of gastrointestinal cancers, such as in the removal of colonic polyps, an endoscopic procedure that has had a huge impact in the management of colon cancer.


Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive technique that allows surgical procedures to be done through very small incisions, minimizing the insult to the patient and allowing very prompt recoveries. Procedures that use to require several days of hospitalization, such as removal of a gallbladder, today are done through this technique, on an outpatient basis, requiring usually not more than an overnight stay.


Doctors at SageView are available for consultation on any issues related to surgical care and for second opinions. At SageView, we strongly believe that providing information to empower our patients in their decision making process is a basic pillar of a healthy community, allowing our patients to be the architects of their own health.


Prescription Refills


It is important to call for a refill at least 24-48 hours in advance.  If you need a prescription refilled, please call your Pharmacist and request a refill. Your Pharmacist will then contact us with your refill information.


Please Note: We can only help with prescription refills and appointments during our regular office hours.


Outside Of Normal Business Hours



When SageView is closed, we recommend that you go to the Quincy Valley Medical Center Emergency Room. Upon arrival let the nurse there know that you are a SageView patient.





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