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+ About QVMC


Our Strengths:


Long-Term Care: A generational facility that grandparents, parents and children may eventually call home.


Physical Therapy: Established, reputable, growing practice that provides excellent rehabilitation services for a variety of illnesses and injuries.


Quality Improvement: Excellent, reliable Assurance and Process Improvement program that provides quality of care data while utilizing the expertise of the Rural Health Quality Network (RHQN).



Staff Resources: Committed, qualified staff ready for change and growth.


Location: Quincy Valley Medical Center is located  35 miles from the nearest major hospital providing critical services.


Our Opportunities: There are many opportunities for QVMC to capture in the coming months and years. The specialty clinics and services QVMC will implement and enhance are specified below.


  • Growing current Physical Therapy practice
    Growing current Occupational Therapy practice
    Growing current preventive medicine to include:
      Enhancement of chronic care model
      Ergonomics services 
      General Surgery
    Cultural Awareness
    Implementation of Electronic Medical Records
     •  Paperless process of charting
     •  Enhanced access to patient records
     •  Improved physician access to medical information
     •  Long-term cost savings:  less administrative time




QVMC is so much more than just compassionate, quality care...


QVMC has a wonderful team of support staff and personnel who work in housekeeping, general services, purchasing, environmental services, information services, laundry, dietary, medical records, community relations, the business office and all of our volunteers who assist in making the stay for patients and residents at QVMC a comfortable, healthful and compassionate environment.


Quincy Valley Medical Center
908 Tenth Avenue Southwest  Quincy, WA 98848
Tel: (509) 787-3531  |  Fax: (509) 787-2195


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