About Us

Physical Therapy:
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Established, reputable, growing practice that provides excellent rehabilitation services for a variety of illnesses and injuries.

Quality Improvement:

Excellent, reliable Assurance and Process Improvement program that provides quality of care data while utilizing the expertise of the Rural Health Quality Network (RHQN).


Staff Resources:

Committed, qualified staff ready for change and growth.


Quincy Valley Medical Center is located  35 miles from the nearest major hospital providing critical services.

Our Opportunities:

There are many opportunities for QVMC to capture in the coming months and years. The specialty clinics and services QVMC will implement and enhance are specified below.

Hospital Transparency:

The Washington State Hospital Association and QVMC want to give consumers information to help them make decisions about health care.  This information allows consumers to make informed decisions about where they choose to seek care.  It also helps policy makers and the public measure the cost and quality of hospital care. Information on Washington State hospital pricing and quality measures may be found here.