About Us

Long-Term Care:

A generational facility that grandparents, parents and children may eventually call home.QVMC Front Entrance File Size


Physical Therapy:

Established, reputable, growing practice that provides excellent rehabilitation services for a variety of illnesses and injuries.


Quality Improvement:

Excellent, reliable Assurance and Process Improvement program that provides quality of care data while utilizing the expertise of the Rural Health Quality Network (RHQN).


Staff Resources:

Committed, qualified staff ready for change and growth.



Quincy Valley Medical Center is located  35 miles from the nearest major hospital providing critical services.


Our Opportunities:

There are many opportunities for QVMC to capture in the coming months and years. The specialty clinics and services QVMC will implement and enhance are specified below.

      • Growing current Physical therapy practice
      • Growing current Occupational Therapy practice
      • Growing current preventive medicine to include:
        • Clutural Awareness
        • Enhancement of chronice care model
        • Ergonomics servies 
        • General Surgery
      • Implementation of Electronic Medical Records
        • Paperless process of charting
        • Enhances access to medical information
        • Long-term cost saving: less administrative time