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QVMC continues to meet our family's medical needs

Dear Editor,

On Sept. 29, a Wednesday, I decided to take care of those pesky weeds at the end of my patio. Not being as limber as I used to be, I knelt on the rocks, which caused a few little uncomfortable and painful moments. 


The next day my knee, apparently responding to those painful moments, started swelling to the point that it hurt so bad it was hard to walk. I attempted to get medical attention “out of the area” and was given two Naproxin and an antibiotic and told "see you." No follow-ups or anything.


Friday the sore knee was redder and worse. By Saturday the redness had spread around the knee and up the leg. I had been taking the antibiotics as directed. Sunday night it spread more and got brighter and hot, looking like a giant, 4-inch pimple.




So that Monday, I again contacted the first medical provider. “Can you see me?” “Yes, on Nov.4.” In a month? 


I headed over to the Quincy Valley Medical Center emergency room and got right in. "That's infected," the doctors said and proceeded to treat it, followed by four days of antibiotics. The nurses and staff were super, as they met my required antibiotics and wound care needs.


The good news is looks like my leg has been saved before Nov.4. And did I mention the amazing giant chocolate chip cookies at the hospital?


In over 35 years, my family has visited the hospital for broken arms, chopped fingers, babies, miscarriages, my daughter’s life-threatening condition and now this. Thank you, QVMC.


Phil Anderson, Quincy

(Letter to the Editor appeared in the Oct. 22, 2015, Quincy Valley Post-Register)

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