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What Is 

   Proposition 1?

In case you didn’t know…

How much is the Levy? $875,000 for one year, beginning in 2019


How much will it cost taxpayers?

Taxpayers will be assessed about 21.79¢ per $1,000 of assessed property value.  For example, a home valued at $250,000 will be assessed approximately $55 for the year – less than $5 per month.

Why does the Hospital need this Levy?

The Hospital is committed to creating a stable model of healthcare for Quincy.  A significant part of the plan is partnering with a larger healthcare system to improve the overall sustainability of the hospital, as well as providing greater access to quality, affordable healthcare for those who live in and around our Hospital District.


This levy will help cover some of the costs of operations during this important phase of developing a successful plan.

What does Quincy Valley Medical Center currently provide to the community?

  • 24/7 Emergency Department services, with around the clock access to Board Certified physicians, imaging and laboratory services.The Emergency Department sees approximately 300 patients per month.
  • Clinic services including preventive care, immunizations, and L & I services for injured workers
  • Quincy Valley Physical Therapy – two Physical Therapists to meet the physical therapy needs of all ages

We do our best to keep you informed of what's happening at Quincy Valley Medical Center.

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